Leather Sarah Hunter nude - Pillow Talkies (2016) Alrincon

Leather Sarah Hunter nude - Pillow Talkies (2016) Alrincon play

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I'm sorry, hunny," she apologized while she wiped her damp pussy, "I just couldn't hold it another minute!" "That's all right," Cindy replied while looking at her mothers bare pussy, "if ya gotta go you gotta go" It wasn't exactly her mother's pussy that had drawn the eighteen year olds attention, it was more what was attached to it! "Mom, can I ask you a question," Cindy asked softly? "Why sure, dear," the older woman replied while pulling her bikini panties over her hips, "ask away!" "Well, uh," Cindy stumbled, "it's just that I was wondering about your, you know, your ring!" Marilyn looked down at her pretty young daughter, and in a subdued voice asked softly, And which ring would that be?" With her face and petite tits flushing red Cindy replied almost automaticly, "You know, the one down there, on your pussy!" Instead of pulling up her panties, Marilyn left them down around her ankles while answering gently, "Well, what is it you want to know?" "I don't know," Cindy said softly, "I was just wondering what it feels like, I mean to have something like through your pussy lips


. Subconsciously she opened her blouse, unhooked her lacy white bra, and after roughly twisting her nipples pulled one of the bright pink nipples to her daughters mouth and she began sucking on it greedily.
. . "So don't scream yet


Cast: Sarah Hunter
Duration: 00:02:27
Source: Heroero
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Sarah Hunter nude - Pillow Talkies (2016)

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